HydroThane STP® HYDRAMMOX process is an anammox process that was developed using granular biomass technology for the treatment of wastewater rich in nitrogen (ammonium) yet low in COD.

The HYDRAMMOX process can typically be applied in:
• Organic solid waste processing
• Municipal wastewater treatment
• Food industry (e.g. dairy, yeast etc.)
• Chemical industry
• Semi-conductor industry
• Fertilizer industry
• Manure processing industry.

The heart and success of the HydroThane STP® HYDRAMMOX technology lies in our countless years of experience working with granular biomass.
Due to this granular biomass and our in-house developed separator technology a high concentration of anammox biomass can be retained in the system resulting in a compact and highly efficient design.

The HYDRAMMOX reactor is a single stage system in which nitritation (NO2) formation and the anammox reaction occurs simultaneously.

This so-called removal of ammonium over nitrite (NO2-) has several advantages compared to conventional biological nitrogen removal using Nitrification and Denitrification.

Combined with granular biomass technology this gives the below main benefits:
• Small footprint
• Robust and easy to operate process, handling both load and hydraulic variations
• Significant reduction in energy requirement (up to 60%)
• No additional carbon source required (e.g. methanol)
• No or limited chemical consumption (e.g. caustic, nutrients)
• Tolerant to high nitrite and suspended solids concentrations
• Production of valuable granular anammox biomass.



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