HydroThane STP® ECSB

HydroThane STP® ECSB (External Circulation Sludge Bed) is the 3rd generation of EGSB systems.

The system is developed by HydroThane STP based on more than 35 years of research, development and practical experience in the anaerobic treatment of various industrial wastewater streams.

The HydroThane STP® ECSB reactor is a two stage anaerobic high rate process and has proven her success already in many different type of industries around the world.

Due to these two stages, excellent biomass retention and higher organic loading rates can be achieved in this new developed system by HydroThane STP.

Wastewater streams with high concentration of suspended solids and very “thin/diluted” wastewater can be treated with the HydroThane STP® ECSB process.

The characteristics of the HydroThane STP® ECSB are:
• Compact and highly efficient
• Controlled hydraulic conditions under any load situation
• Special developed Influent Distribution System
• System operates under biogas overpressure
• No odour emission points
• No special start up requirements
• No complex internals
• Safe and maintenance free design

In short: the HydroThane STP® ECSB (“Easy as Be”) is Easy and Safe to operate and Best buy.



Is a two stage anaerobic high rate process with proven success in many different type of industries.

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