HydroThane is able to offer services throughout the whole world, such as:
• Consultancy
• Operational support / trouble shooting
• Audits / technical inspections
• Micro & macro nutrients delivery
• Pilot installations
• Laboratory services
• (Re) start up assistance / training /coaching
• Refurbishment of existing anaerobic processes
• Granular biomass delivery

HydroThane Services Brochure

HydroThane will attend in Gorinchem (The Netherlands) the Aqua Netherlands Trade Show, 19, 20 & 21 March 2020. Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs is a national trade …

HydroThane designed and build a modular small size “plug and play” ECSB plant for one of the leading and biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. …

A recent state of the art example of full scale application of different wastewater treatment technologies is one of the largest dairies in Europe, the …