HydroThane signed new contract in China!

4 Jan 2021

HydroThane signed contract for waste water treatment plant for Taike in Maotai town of Guizhou province China, the area famous for its baijiu.

Baijiu is a Chinese clear, colourless liquor typically coming in between 35% and 60% alcohol and is a clear liquid usually distilled from fermented sorghum, although other grains may be used; some southeastern Chinese styles may employ rice or glutinous rice, while other Chinese varieties may use wheat, barley, millet, or Job’s tears in their mash bills. The starter culture used in the production of baijiu is usually made from pulverized wheat grain or steamed rice.

Maotai (or Moutai) is known as ‘the national liquor’ in China. Like champagne, only the baijiu produced in Maotai Town can be called Maotai. Besides the best known distillery of Kweichow Moutai, partly owned by the government and known as top producer of China’s most famous liquor, a large amount of smaller wineries can be found in Maotai Town, these small wineries typically produce Maotai-flavoured liquor.

At the centre of this ‘national liquors’ is the Chishui River, this protected river, where no heavy industry is allowed to discharge, is under extreme supervision by the Chinese government. The highest requirements of process water treatment techniques are prescribed by this.

Due to the progressive and proven Dutch experience in treating wastewater, the HydroThane was awarded for this project, supplying 2 ECSB reactors, each 16.22 meter in diameter – built in two stages. Capable of treating 15,000m3 of organic wastewater per day!

The project construction was accomplished in October 2020, the plant is at this moment under commissioning and start-up will follow shortly.