Region – HydroThane – Noord-Brabant won HONOR award 2014

11 Feb 2014

Region Noord-Brabant has won the 2014 European Entrepreneurial Award (HONOR Award). A recognition for leadership and looking-forward strategy of all interested entrepreneurs in the region of Noord Brabant. The price is not just of the region but from all: entrepreneurs, organizations, knowledge institutions, governments and all other partners who are working together on our innovative and enterprising region.

Brabant has an international reputation as European top region in knowledge and innovation with a good business climate. The close exchange between companies from Brabant and education, civil society and governments stimulates the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Companies from Brabant create smart solutions, they are entrepreneurs with guts and have a national and international network. In addition Brabant brings initiatives to the European Union, such as the Europe 2020, a strategy for growth and jobs. Thanks to these efforts is Brabant a successful region with a unique combination of high tech and high touch.

HydroThane is proud to be part of this unique innovative region and we are very glad with the cooperation/leadership and strategy of the government of Brabant.