Refurbishment of UASB

8 Aug 2018

UASB refurbishment in the potato industry

HydroThane STP refurbished the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed Blanket (UASB) treatment plant from the 1990’s at Aviko Lomm, The Netherlands.
The UASB plant have been operating for more than 20 years and to guarantee further safe and sustainable operation-refurbishment was a necessity.


The steel coated internals of the UASB were corroded after 20 years of operation – which causes all kinds of operational, safety and maintenance problems.
The plant was losing capacity – washing out of granular biomass – biogas emissions were causing unsafe situations and floating layers had to be removed all the time in the old situation.

The out of operation time for the UASB was only 2 weeks in total for this complete refurbishment, from the moment of shut down to the moment of (re-)start-up (full capacity).

Photo gallery

Old UASB internals

Replacement of the old internals to the new HydroThane UASB internals

Succesfully finished replacement

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