HydroThane’s “Plug and play” ECSB

8 May 2019

HydroThane designed and build a modular small size “plug and play” ECSB plant for one of the leading and biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This custom-made anaerobic ECSB is the smallest plant that HydroThane has ever built. The plant is able to handle approx. 1000kg/COD/per day, at full capacity. The plant consists of a prefab technical control housing where the neutralisation tank and ECSB (both FRP – which was requested by the client) are part of. All pumps, instruments, chemical dosing and control can be reached from the housing.

All in all a very compact and well designed (odor free) treatment plant, with all the characteristics and requirements that can also be found at other HydroThane STP® ECSB treatment plants.
Excellent performance every single day – Easy as Be..