HydroThane ECSB in Taiwan – Chemical Industry

23 Jun 2018

HydroThane signed contract with EigenGreen International Inc / ECO-Digital Technology for Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation.

Chemical Industry

Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation has established production facilities to supply the global market. Their plastic products include polyester resin, bottle grade polyester resin PET bottle preforms, PET bottles, Engineering polymers, and PE sheets.

Their products are employed in a wide range of downstream applications that include textiles, food, packaging, electronics and optronics industries.

They offer excellent quality and product differentiation solutions that helped them to build a great reputation of reliability and dependability for both local and international clients.

Chemical Industry

The HydroThane ECSB’s reactors have been operating since the end of 2017. The customer is very satisfied with HydroThane ECSB’s stable operation and high removal rate.