HydroThane ECSB in India – Pulp & Paper Industry

17 Jan 2014

HydroThane signed contract with Naini Papers Limited for treatment of their waste water at their production facility in Kashipur, India.

Naini Papers Limited, incorporated in 1995, is the parent company of the group. The company produces 90 TPD writing & printing paper from agricultural residue, mainly bagasse and wheat straw. The plant is equipped with modern wet washing system, continuous digester, Oxygen De-lignification and multi-stage bleaching. The paper machine is equipped with pressurized head box, bi-nip press, size press and kuster calendar.

The Company produces high bright printing and writing paper with the brand names “Paras White” and Paras White (SS)” in the GSM range 54-120.

Naini Group is strongly committed to develop and operate a safe, healthy & clean environment while manufacturing writing & printing grade of paper.

EHS procedures are designed to protect human health and prevent degradation of the environment by minimizing the adverse effects of Naini’s operations while ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements.

The HydroThane STP ECSB plant will be in operation middle of 2014.

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