HydroThane ECSB in China – Pharmaceutical industry

5 Oct 2015

pharHydroThane China cooperated with Jiangsu NJU Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, built a project for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.

The enduser is Jumpcan Pharmaceutical Group, which locates in Taizhou City of Yangtze River Delta. The Group is predecessor of Taixing Pharmaceutical Plant founded in 1967. In 2001, it was restructured into a private enterprise whereas now the company has become a key enterprise of Taizhou pharmaceutical industry in the State Torch Program, one of the top 10 most potential brand in Chinese pharmaceutical industry as well as one of the top 100 enterprises of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. It has be honored as one of the top 10 enterprises in Taizhou City, the largest taxpayer of private enterprises in Jiangsu provinces as well as top 50 taxpayers in Chinese pharmaceutical industry for several consecutive years.

The Group has established a mix of both Chinese and Western medicines, including over 10 dosage forms of medicines for digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, anti-infections, anesthesia and anti-tumor, more than 160 product varieties approved by the state and 3 categories of advantage products in pediatrics, digestive system and anti-infections. Of them, the following brand-name products are favored most by customers for their unique curative effects: Pudilan Xiaoyan Oral Solution, Jianwei Xiaoshi Oral Solution, Jinuo (Rabeprazole Sodium Enteric-coated Capsules), Tongbei (Xiao’er Chiqiao Qingre Granules) and Huanghu Spray.

HydroThane ECSB plant was designed to treat 5,000m3/d wastewater,85ton/d COD. It will be in operation in October 2015.

For more information concerning HydroThane China: jing.wang@hydrothane-stp.com