HydroThane ECSB for Naini Tissues in India

1 Oct 2015

nainiHydroThane signed their 2nd contract with Naini group for treatment of their waste water at their production facility in Kashipur, India.

Naini Tissues Limited is the flagship company of the Naini group and was incorporated in 2002. The plant produces 100 TPD writing & printing paper from agricultural residue, mainly bagasse and wheat straw.

Naini Tissues Limited manufactures 100 TPD writing and printing paper under brand names Naini Premium and Naini Classic in the GSM range of 54-110. The machine deckle is 2800 mm.

The company has an integrated paper plant with agro-based pulp mill. The pulp mill is equipped with modern wet washing system, continuous digester, oxygen delignification plant and multi-stage bleach plant.

Naini Group is strongly committed to develop and operate a safe, healthy & clean environment while manufacturing writing & printing grade of paper.
EHS procedures are designed to protect human health and prevent degradation of the environment by minimizing the adverse effects of Naini’s operations while ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements.

BIO METHNATION plant was installed in year 2016 by HydroThane Netherland for NAINI TISSUES LIMITED, to treat the high COD effluent coming from wet washing and bagasse wet bulk storage, ECSB reactor (External Circulation Sludge Bioreactor) being the main part. Please visit Bio methnation plant.

For more information concerning HydroThane in India: info-india@hydrothane-stp.com