Congratulations to Mr. Wim Koevoets

30 Oct 2020

In these strange times of COVID, the face to face meetings and contacts are off course limited as much as possible – but despite these circumstances we have the pleasant news that our worldwide highly respected colleague “Mr. HydroThane” Wim Koevoets turned 60 this month. We don’t want to let this milestone pass by silently….

For over 40 (!) years, he has been working in the anaerobic treatment business and he /HydroThane has been involved in > 1000 anaerobic treatment plants all over the world in many different type of industries. Many clients and colleagues within our business appreciate his technical, biological and technological knowledge. We are very honoured to have him in our HydroThane team and we are happy that his sons are also already involved the field of anaerobic treatment within HydroThane company.

On behalf of the entire HydroThane team – we wish him a healthy and successful year! Thank you very much for the energy you put into HydroThane every single day with such a contagious passion!

Feel free to send Wim the best wishes: