HydroThane STP® HYDROX Process

The HydroThane STP® HYDROX process is a very efficient method of aerobic treatment which ensures:

• Minimum oxygen requirements results in low energy consumption
• Maximum denitrification levels
• Maximum effluent purification level
• Low investment
• Simple automation.
The HydroThane STP® HYDROX process is based on a signal from an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) sensor which establishes the oxygen request to achieve optimum (de)nitrification cycles.

Pulse mixing of the aerobic reactor takes place according to timers in order to maintain the activated sludge in suspended stage as long as there is not an additional request for oxygen.

For the application of the HydroThane STP® HYDROX process only 1 tank is necessary, while no additional equipment like agitators or circulation pumps are required, taking the investment to levels far below conventional processes.

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