Granular biomass

HydroThane delivers granular biomass for re-seeding (after e.g. set-up and/or maintenance.) or start-up of a new/existing anaerobic reactor. Due to a large worldwide network of good operating reactors, HydroThane can offer the best suitable biomass available – furthermore saving on transport costs.

HydroThane can arrange loading, transportation and unloading of the biomass, worldwide.

Granular biomass

• 24/7 service
HydroThane can be contacted 24/7 by the emergency phone number – or by e-mail, we will answer your question as soon as possible.

• Fast, clear and obligation free quotations
Quotations will always be shared within a couple of days – our offers are transparent, without “fine print” and “disclaimers”.

• All-in
HydroThane gives her customers the option for all-in service, HydroThane’s team will take care of the whole transfer. From pre-testing the biomass, planning, transportation up to documentation and unloading.

• Biomass suitable for your waste water
HydroThane offers suitable biomass for your type of waste water, with an annual logistic of 3.000 – 6.000 tons per year, more than 30 years of experience. With our unique up-to-date digital biomass archive – we can guaranty biomass that matches your waste water.

• Sourced from active reactors
HydroThane has a network of 150 good operating reactors worldwide

• Tested at HydroThane’s laboratory facility
To monitor the biomass quality from all of the 150 plants, HydroThane collects samples regularly. The samples are being monitored at TS, OTS, methanogenic activity, granular diameter and sedimentation velocity.

• High quality granular biomass, with the following features
TS 50 -160 gr/kg
OTS 55 -93%
Granular diameter between 0,3 ~ 3mm
Sedimentation velocity 30 ~ 150m/h
Methanogenic activity ranging between 0,5 – 1,8 kg /COD/kg organic matter / day

• Handling and transport by specialised staff
HydroThane mainly works with experienced transport companies and highly trained staff. This to make sure HydroThane can always guaranty and secure the biomass quality throughout the whole transport process.

• Delivery on-site
Untroubled handling on site without residual clean-up.

• Certificates and transport documents completed
Transport documents, in/export documents will be arranged by HydroThane.

• Carefree handling
HydroThane will take care of the whole project, from the beginning until the end – this gives you the time to focus on your own profession.

For additional information, please contact:
+31 6 51 03 7690



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